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Strand cast iron

Bar Division (Strand cast iron)

ALLERUP TEKNIK AS is among the leading suppliers in Denmark of strand cast iron in standard sizes and lengths.

In addition to strand cast materials, we can also deliver tracery cast, die cast or forged qualities.

  • We can deliver a large variety of qualities and dimensions directly from our warehouse, and can also supply custom alloys and dimensions from our strategic partners.
  • We saw to size, deliver pre-milled materials and can also offer the machining of finished and semi-finished products.
  • We can cast your blanks so that your raw measurement is as close as possible to your final measurement. We optimize your delivery, saving you machining time and material costs.
  • We can provide certified materials, UV scanning and material testing according to your specifications.
  • Our sales team provides advice and guidance on choice of materials, and our goal is to always deliver on time and in the agreed quality - and to be your preferred partner.​

Nothing is too small and nothing is too large.

We are dedicated to our customers.

Call or write for a price and a delivery time.​

If you order inventory today before noon 12, we will deliver tomorrow.

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ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S har eget lager og kontor i Nanjing, Kina, hvorfra vi sælger strengstøbejern til kunder i Kina.


Stat-Ene-Vej 50

5220 Odense SØ

Phone: +45 70 11 93 11

CVR: 12223900

E-mail: at@allerup-teknik.dk