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Castings and forgings

ALLERUP TEKNIK AS is an all-round partner, not least when it comes to castings. We have a large network of suppliers, enabling us to offer you any and all kinds of castings.

Precision castings:

We supply precision castings to Danish industries. We have highly qualified suppliers of wax castings in all sizes, and we can deliver in all ferrous and non-ferrous qualities.

Sand castings:

We act as a link between our customers and the network of suppliers that we have built up over the past 25 years. Today we purchase goods everywhere in the world to ensure that each customer order is placed with a supplier that can provide the very best quality, price and security of supply.

Allerup Teknik A/S provides both hand and machine-crafted castings in many material qualities. The weight of a blank can vary from a few kilograms up to around 50,000 kilograms.​

​Die castings / High-pressure castings:

We provide blanks in a variety of light metal alloys to many sectors such as lighting, furniture, personal aids and the food industry, to name a few.

ALLERUP TEKNIK AS - "Your partner for castings.” Call us for a no-obligation chat about creating a new blank, or let us make a good offer involving the use of existing blanks.

We provide both free-form forgings and drop forgings.

Free-form forgings:

We supply forgings to much of the Danish industrial sector, including machine and cogwheel manufacturers, shipyards, etc.

Drop forgings:

Provided in accordance with customer wishes. ALLERUP TEKNIK AS has a wide array of suppliers around the world. We can deliver products in many different material qualities, and the weight of a blank can vary from a few grams up to 25-30 kilograms per blank.

In general, all our castings are finished and surface treated.

All our forgings conform to the ordinary norms and can of course be delivered together with various types of certificates.​

If you order inventory today before noon 12, we will deliver tomorrow.

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ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S har eget lager og kontor i Nanjing, Kina, hvorfra vi sælger strengstøbejern til kunder i Kina.


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