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​ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S collaborates with foundries all over the world?

Casting processes

​ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S is happy to advise our customers as to which casting process is best suited to a given blank. We maintain a dialog with the customer as well as with the toolmakers.

Optimizing by know-how

This means that ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S uses its strengths and accumulated knowledge to create the best opportunities for each of our assignments. We are not limited by a production setup or by choice of materials. We have a network of suppliers that ensure we can place production wherever it is optimal.

ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S ties up every loose end

​We are a modern trading house with many relations around the world. We have our own office and warehouse in China, AT-Nanjing Industrial Ltd., and a network of agents who ensure optimal conditions for doing business and for the success of all parties.


​Nothing is too large and nothing is too small for us at ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S. Our logistics department has many years of experience in handling all types of goods via land, sea and air. You decide what, when and where. We optimize the security of supply, and we have high standards for precision and quality. We are here for you.

World Wide Delivery

​​Because of our international network of partners, we are able to deliver anywhere in the world, and we are thus a flexible fellow player on the global market.

If you order inventory today before noon 12, we will deliver tomorrow.

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ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S har eget lager og kontor i Nanjing, Kina, hvorfra vi sælger strengstøbejern til kunder i Kina.


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Phone: +45 70 11 93 11

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E-mail: at@allerup-teknik.dk