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Your international, all-in-one partner for castings

​​We nearly have 200 years of experience in this business. Similarly we offer closely related products such as forgings, strand cast iron, bronze, and industrial components.

We have a wide network of selected sub-suppliers from around the world. These suppliers provide a high level of expertise and cost-effectiveness, as well as an efficient internal system of logistics. These are just a few of the hallmarks that characterize ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S.

ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S is directly represented in both Europe and Asia, and we provide solutions for a great variety of industries. Our customer base includes one-man businesses as well as international corporations.

ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S has its own office and warehouse in Denmark and a sister company in China (AT-Nanjing Industrial Ltd.) which also has its own office and warehouse.

Contact us at +45 70 11 93 11.

We have a very wide range of products

In addition to our own companies, we have built up a close network of agents and collaborators, all of whom ensure optimal conditions for business relations between the manufacturers and our customers.

Doing business with ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S must be a success for all parties involved, because this is the only way to ensure future collaborations.

The broad ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S portfolio covers everything from the smallest window fitting to the components used in the hydraulics industry for huge, cast-steel pump houses.

We ensure that the basic business conditions are in order so that a market price, a given level of quality and an assured delivery time are all implicit in a business relationship with ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S.

Our delivery program:

If you order stock goods today before noon, we can deliver tomorrow morning.

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ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S has its own warehouse and office in Nanjing, China, which enables us to sell strand cast iron to customers in China.​

If you order inventory today before noon 12, we will deliver tomorrow.

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ALLERUP TEKNIK A/S har eget lager og kontor i Nanjing, Kina, hvorfra vi sælger strengstøbejern til kunder i Kina.


Stat-Ene-Vej 50

5220 Odense SØ

Phone: +45 70 11 93 11

CVR: 12223900

E-mail: at@allerup-teknik.dk